Ducati M1000 Scrambler

Ducati M1000 Scrambler from 2007.

Less is more in this modern interpretation of the classic scrambler-idea:
Simple, light, robust and good for any kind of road.

“The classic Ducati scramblers of the 70´s were always extremely light, pure
and handy streetbikes, with the possibility to ride slightly offroad,
dustroads or sand.

Also this bike wasn´t intended to be a pure offroad bike, but a
minimalistic allrounder, impressing with its usability, its lightness and
its minimalistic design.

The tank, as well as all the other body parts,
were especially designed and manufactured from
reinforced carbon- and carbon/kevlar – fibre.

Every unnecessary weight was removed from the bike
and the ergonomics were adjusted.

The result is this absolutely minimalistic design,
170kg with fuel and a handling, which is easier than on any
standard Ducati.”

( From Press Release 2007 )

Above all it is great fun to ride.

This bike was built 2007 on the base of a Ducati Monster 1000ie. After that a small series was built, but production had to be stopped in 2010. No more M1000 Scramblers or parts will be built.